When getting diagnosed with cancer, patients often ask questions around life expectancy and survival. Here at [Company Name] we are your support network and provide information that is easy to understand to help you understand what to expect.

Our Care Advocates analyzed data from the CDC going back 16 years to help shed light on different trends we are seeing in the industry across different types of cancer, race, and gender.


Since 2000, the CDC reports more than 23 million incidents of cancer in the United States. We gleaned a few interesting differences when looking across types of cancer.

Since 2000:

  • Long & Bronchus, Prostate, and Breast cancer account for over 46% of all cancer incidents in the US.
  • Other common forms of cancer are Colon and Rectum, Melanoma, Bladder, and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma each with over 1,000,000 incidences since 2000.

Tremendous strides have been made since 2000. Over 70% of people diagnosed (approximately 63% overall) with these most common forms of cancer go into remission.


Everyone has a unique genetic composition. Therefore, [Company Name] analyzed data across different groups of people to help provide more information to our community.

  • Women tend to enter remission at a slightly higher rate than men.
  • Asians (68.74%) and Native Americans (66.30%) also have increased remission rates relative to Caucasians (63.41%).
  • However, if you are an African American regular checkups are recommended.
    • The data suggests an increased risk for breast, prostate, ovarian, and Melanoma cancer within your demographic.
    • This is particularly true for Ovarian and Melanoma..

A leading indicator for entering remission is early detection, please see your local physician or contact your [Company Name] advocate.