Content Solutions

The Why & How

We were founded as a media company in 2013. We grew as a publisher and faced the same fundamental challenge as every other company relying on content production – how do we scale growth without increasing costs?

In 2017 we found the answer to our challenge in the form of technology, specifically artificial intelligence & machine learning. We pivoted our focus, built a team of gifted technologist, and started producing content at scale.

Before eliminating staff or reducing spend around content, allow us to demonstrate how Data Skrive reduces cost, create efficiencies, and drives revenue.

Some Of The Content We Produce

HERO Sports LogoWe starting as a sports content company so naturally we cut our teeth by developing billions (yeah, that's a "B") of pieces of digital content for college athletics.

Associated Press LogoWe have a number of high volume content producers leveraging the Data Skrive platform to produce game previews, comparisons, fantasy, rankings, and betting content.

Content as a Service

1) Gather Data
2) Normalize Data
3) Create
4) Distribute Content
5) Accept Adoration

The most common questions we get are around how we do it. For example, "how do you create such natural sounding content from simple data-sets" or "what kind of dark wizardry was conjured to produce such amazing content across so many mediums?"

The most simple way to explain what we do is visually. Below is a diagram illustrating the three main steps to producing content with Data Skrive.

Data Skrive Tech

Yeah, We Do That Too

The number of use cases for using data to create original content is endless. Allow us to help you unlock the value of your data. Regardless of your industry our team can help you create unique original content to inform, educate, or drive an action.

Data Skrive Use Cases

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